Prenumerera GRATIS på nyhetsbrevet

Följ Organic Living nyhetsbrev med de senaste nyheterna och heta tipsen för sundare livstil..

Example of Yoga Frukost Menu:

Start with Celery Café famous Celery Juice!

Frukost 1:
Overnight oats with raisins, grated apple, cinnamon och cardemom.
watermelon on the side.
Homemade, glutenfree carrot bread.

Frukost 2:
Chiapudding with vanilla and blueberries.
"Love-rolls" (red from beetroot) and crisp bread.

Frukost 3:
Yoghurt from coconut cream with lacto bacterias. Sprouted buckwheat
sprinkle with cacao nibs and shredded cocoanut, cacao. Banana. Served
with muffins and a marmelade made from figs and dates.

Frukost 4:
Raw banana pancakes with blueberries/raspberries or strawberries and
Oatly creme fraiche.

Served with the bread: Coconut oil/butter, peanutbutter or tahini and
homemade soft cheese (cashews/paranuts), tomatoes/red peppers &
Melon on the side
Coffee and tea.